Every couple has a unique story to tell during the wedding day, and not only at that time, but who doesn't love to read stories on a great book. This is actually my passion, to tell stories, your stories through my lens and printed to my wedding books.

        As a wedding and portrait photographer, I like to capture the essence of who you really are and tell your own story, a story that you will always remember through the pages of your wedding album. This is why I always want to be updated with the latest evolution on photography, seminars and competitions all around the world help me to improve my self, day after day, year after year I become better and better.

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Athens - Aigaleo Greece / Dimarxeiou st. 70a / PC: 12242 / Phone : +30-699 8470769
Αθήνα - Αιγάλεω / Δημαρχείου 70α' / τκ: 12242 / τηλ: +30-699 8470769