Multi Destination Wedding

When Vasilis and Konstantina joined their lives ...

This particular couple was perhaps one of the most demanding ever seen at our office. However, our professionalism, as well as the good mood of Vasilis and Konstantina, who showed us from the first moment that they want to trust us, led to the final agreement, but also to a unique quality result. In partnership with the couple, we managed to make the perfect timetable for their marriage.

The mystery took place at the Temple of Estavromenos in Egaleo, where the bridegroom Vasilis arrived in a black sports car ride just a few minutes earlier than the bride. Best men were their beloved friends Dimitris and Maria (they are not a couple!). Shortly afterward, the bride arrived outside the church and - seemingly excited - headed for her beloved to give her the bouquet of pink roses and the mystery to begin.

As far as the reception is concerned, it took place at a venue (NO YOU KNOW WHY!), With our couple dancing his favorite dance almost on his arrival. After the dance, the series had the ... traditional flying of the bouquet, where a multitude of women (young and old) patiently waited to catch it.

After their wedding in Aegaleo and photographic coverage from me and my crew, Vasilis and Konstantina trusted us, this time also for their after wedding photography, which took place in Bansko, Bulgaria during the honeymoon. Given that the wedding took place on Saturday and the honeymoon started two days later, on Monday, it was a great opportunity for me and my team.

Among the most characteristic places the couple chose for photography, was none other than the Orthodox Church of Agia Triada in Bansko. The reason for an Orthodox church with its bell tower is the symbol of the city as it symbolizes for the locals the struggle they made to keep their customs during the Othoman domination. It was build in 1810 and the location built was donated by the residents of Bansko. It has an altitude of 30 meters and looks like a quadrangular pyramid.

Other characteristic points of the city were the picturesque streets, but also the central square, the stone buildings, the green parks and the very interesting scenery that gave a ​​unique opportunity to give her once again her best self!

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