Destination Wedding in Methoni

George and Dionysia: A great love!

When was asked to take on the cover of another mystery, specifically of George's and Dionysia's marriage, she could not imagine the emotional charge that would be caused by the setting, location and - without limits - love of the couple. The reason for a wedding that took place in the heart of the summer and specifically in August at a monastery in Pylos. As for our couple, the fact that, from the time of preparation to the end of the mystery and the reception, we can not fail to show the deep love they hold for each other. As far as I was concerned with covering this mystery, I had yet another reason to give my best, as with George we were classmates at school, while in Finikounda, home, I made for more than 10 years my holiday with my family. As a result, the marriage reminds me of a huge reunion for me, because I met many old classmates from Athens, as well as local acquaintances and friends who turned me back many years, reminding me of careless summer moments ...

Both the groom and the bride made the necessary preparations before marriage, in different parts of Finikounda, in other words, very close to the place where the mystery took place. As for the decoration that the couple chose for the most beautiful day of his life, but also for the reception, he drew everyone's looks for both elegance and minimal aesthetics, always respecting the fact that the mystery was held in a monastery. In the presence of beloved friends, comrades and relatives, George arrived at the picturesque monastery overlooking Voidokilia and patiently waited for his beloved to arrive. Dionysia arrived accompanied by her father and her favorite bridesmaids and the mystery immediately began in a climate of devotion and absolute attachment.

It is worth noting that one of the most interesting details during the mystery that won the impressions of the attendees was nothing but a wish book. In particular, the couple chose to "dress" the book with a series of prewedding photographs taken just a few days before the mystery of picturesque Plaka and Anafiotika. As for the cover, it was made of plywood, so that it is in perfect harmony with the overall decoration of their wedding. The design and the high aesthetics of the book did not leave any guest invincible, with the result that no one would pass it over indifferently and everyone would write their best wishes to the couple.

After the end of the mystery and the ... traditional family photos, the reception had a series. Unlike the well-known marriage estates most couples choose, George and Dionysia decided to hold their wedding party at the Sabia Beach Bar in Finikounda. For this reason, a pair of funky flip flops in purple and watercolor pattern with motif cute little birds waited for each guest at the entrance of the shop so that everyone could move and dance comfortably on the beach, being rid of inconvenient furs, sandals or men's moccasins. The wedding party reminded more Cycladic feast with the couple and guests dancing frantically and having fun with their hearts until the early hours.

The day after the wedding, the couple in collaboration with had planned their after wedding photography. So the place that George and Dionysia chose was the imposing Methoni Castle. The reason for a castle located in the Peloponnese and the small town of Methoni Messinia, which is one of the most important fortifications in the Greek region during the Middle Ages, when Methoni was a stopover for the trips of Christians to the Holy Land. The spectacular view, the wild landscape and the photogenic look of the hunters, "married" harmoniously with each other, yielding a result that both our couple and the creative team took over the photo coverage .

We can only hope for Giorgos and Dionysia to live abundantly and good offspring soon!

Finally, thank you very much for their trust in and to me personally!

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