A Love Adventure in Greece

The date is around early August, and Greece is sunny with bright blue sky and really hot. A lot of tourists visit Greece to see the beaches, the monuments and taste our food. As I sit in my office comes an e-mail from "Shoot My Travel" agency, that someone booked me for a photoshoot on August 21st

Then a second mail comes, it is Mrs. Laurie, she is the mother of the "Groom to be" Tyler, she and her son were planning a secret proposal for Tylers girlfriend Alyssa and wanted me to become their photographer, after a lot of e-mails with me and Tyler everything was set for the photoshoot.

The time had to be 8.30 in the morning to avoid the heat of the day, and the crouds of tourists, the meeting spot ? What else ? "The Temple of Parthenon".

We selected this place as Alyssa, had roots from Greece and that trip was a discovery of the land of her ancestors, with the time and place set, everything was ready to go.

I am at Parthenon and finally I see them coming, Alyssa has no idea of what is going to happen a few moments later, for the moment she is taking pictures of her beloved boyfriend all around the area.

Suddenly they stop, Tyler is standing, looking at her, he was nervous but also anxious to do it, he could not keep it a secret any more, some people are passing in front of me, I shout to them to get out of my way, and then everybody stops, all the tourists in the area stop walking and talking and they look at our beautifull couple. Tyler gets on his knees and gets the "Ring" out of his pocket, Alyssa closes her eyes as she can not believe what is going on.

Evryone is shouting to her : "Say YES", but both of them are in their huge bubble, a bubble filled with love and really strong emotions, then Tyler gets up, puts the ring in her finger and with "happyness tears" in her eyes Alyssa says the word everyone wanted to hear in that moment, "YES-YES-YES".

After that I approached them and introduced my self to Alyssa who did not know me at all, and told her about the big plan, her heart at that time was going like crazy and a great smile in her face, I love that smile every time I see it on people I photograph. So after a few moments of excitement we continued a small walk around the Parthenon, taking pictures all around and planning for their engadgement photoshoot in the evening.

At that poing I am going to stop writting about that story and I will leave you with some more of the evening pictures we took with my wonderful couple, that is because I want you to put your imagination and think, what other love stories can you live in Greece, and just imagine, what is the love story you want for you...

Thank you all Mrs Laurie, Tyler, Alyssa, thank you all for letting me be the witness of your dreams and your smiles, I hope one day we meet again ...

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