Destination Wedding in Athens

When I undertake to photograph a mystery that takes place in the ... patriotic lands, then enthusiasm and inspiration hit red! This was also the case with the marriage of Erietta and Kostas, which took place recently in the area of ​​Agia Varvara and even in its homonymous church.

The reason for a very special and elegant mystery not only for the elegance of the whole organization but also for the fact that the couple chose to join with the sacred shackles of marriage at lunchtime rather than evening, as is usually the case. The decision of Erietta and Kostas was taken on the basis of their desire to differentiate themselves from ... the usual! The above, however, allowed me to save valuable time for the after wedding photography, one that took several hours until the time of the reception.

The most suited couple from Lefkada "split" for the most beautiful day of their lives, with the aim of preparing everyone for the mystery. Both the groom and the bride, in the presence of beloved friends, relatives and barbarians, performed the necessary preparations to shine both during the mystery and the reception. Erietta shone in her white strapless bridal with lace details, while Kostas radiated happiness in the blue suit, perfectly combined with a silk bow tie! It is also worth mentioning that the bride arrived on the steps of the church with the legendary Katsaridaki, or the well-known Scarabian No53 of Disney's favorite "Katsaridaki, my Love" movie that first appeared on the small screen in 1958! This gave a more vintage air to the scene, but also great inspiration for our photographic team to work in the best possible way to capture those moments unforgettable for the couple ...

The couple climbed the steps of the church in a thrilling climate, but also in a setting with a particularly elegant yet minimal decoration, and ... they also enjoyed better! Live children!

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