A Greek-Canadian ... alliance!

A Greek-Canadian ... alliance!

Greek Italian Wedding

Greek-Canadian Angelos and Italian-Canadian Fabianna have recently sealed their love in a particularly beautiful, emotional and ... loving climate. Photomoments4u.gr could only be there to photograph the mystery, reception, but also the after wedding photo shooting of the couple that took place outside of Athens. Besides, both Angelos and Fabianna were looking for a photographic team with such experience to be able to show their beautiful story to the camera, somewhat like a word written in a series of photographs ... It is worth mentioning here two perfectly organizational characters, which helped photomoments4u.gr to complete its work without any problem and without time delay. It is known that when organizational people meet, they can be great ...

As usual in America for many years, both the bride and the groom are made up of the most prominent legends and paragraphes, who are usually loved couple's friends. So, in this case, Angelos and Fabianna also chose those who considered them the most representative. And because the parnibals and the paraglombs must be dressed in matching dress patterns, they prefer toilets in pink pastel shades and elegant gray costumes in white shirt.

Regarding the place of mystery, Angelos' initial desire was to make the marriage in a small chapel in Astros Kynouria, one that is emotionally tied to the place. Finally, due to difficulty in accessing, they decided that the mystery would take place in Athens, in the southern suburbs, specifically in the Temple of Constantine and Helen at the all time classic Glyfada. The bride arrived accompanied by her mother, who was obviously excited about this important moment in her daughter's life. For the needs of the mystery, a priest from America came to us exclusively for the couple, in order for the function to be heard in both Greek and English. After the couple and their guests attended the mystery with great reverence and dedication, immediately after the end of the mystery, the newlyweds Angelos and Fabiana were actually "bombed" by a large amount of rice, while within a few minutes the traditional family photos for not to waste time from the reception (organized garnish ...).

As for their wedding reception, Angelos and Fabianna chose the very stylish ‘’Moorings’’ space in the timeless Asteras Vouliagmeni, both for its simple but elegant decoration and its close distance from the church so that the guests do not tormented. After having cut a special vintage cake in pink pastel shade with three distinctive roses in different shades at the top, both the couple and the guests enjoyed the delicious dishes and immediately rushed to show their dancing skills until the early hours. The kinds of music alternated one after the other so the world did not hurt, while photomoments4u.gr photographic lens did take the special moments and the enthusiasm of that particular night.

As mentioned above, a picturesque chapel at Astros Kynourias was the initial choice of the couple for their marriage. Because the mystery was not feasible in this place, our couple did not miss the chance to take the post wedding photography there (another interesting trip to fotomoments4u.gr!). For history, Astros is a town in the Municipality of North Kynouria. It is a destination of particular interest, both photographic and geographically and culturally. Returning to our beloved couple, Angel and Fabiana shone with happiness and joy, overlooking the picturesque chapel in white and blue tones, and the stone that dominates the landscape.

We warmly thank the couple for the opportunity they gave us to create once more and we wish with all our heart to live in the couple and soon to have many offspring who will complete their family happiness!

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